Vision & experience

We provide people with professional but “domesticated” chemical products, which thanks to advanced technology are becoming nanomachines helpful in everyday life. They clean, and protect from bacteria creating a safer and healthier environment with efficiency superior to any other product on the market.


We have always strived to reach the highest quality and best design possible in every product, hoping to build a long-term relationship with our clients and in the future a cult following for brands that one day will be known as the best in the world.

Values and principles

Since the year 1990 our company motto has been be dynamic, and our „fair play only” principle is what to this day helps us grow as a company and maintain our reputation.


Those doctrines are in our DNA, and every day they help us come closer to creating the largest chemical company in Poland and (hopefully) the World.


For us “the ball is always in play” which all of our employees and clients quickly realise.


dynamic’s factory in Chrzanów is equipped with two state of the art production lines. 

Each of them is capable of manufacturing 3000 litres of product an hour, which are all based on double demineralised osmotic water.

Our quality begins there, with the water, which is our base component similar to wine and beer and has the utmost importance in chemicals as well.

All of dynamic’s market products are based on our own patented nanotechnologies (especially in the fields of nano-silver, copper and gold synthesis).

Every single one of our products is defined by a perfect chemical composition and great design, which set us apart from our competition.


We sell this many bottles every month, which means on average someone buys our product every minute


We had this many visitors on our website since april 2017


We sold this many bottles since the beggining of dynamic technology