Our history

dynamic® began in 1990 in a cellar in Sosnowiec, since then it’s unchanged logo and name still have the same meaning all over the world. Innovation, determination & creativity have always been the DNA of all our projects under the dynamic®  brand.

Our leading company is dynamic technology, a pioneer in nanotechnology, owner and manufacturer of brands such as nanomax® or Mcintosh®. Products currently produced at dynamic’s modern factory set new standards for quality and design on the market.

dynamic’s potential


over a dozen registered brands and patents

Web domains

over 30 premium web domains, several for every brand


acclaimed premium quality products on the market: nanomax, Mcintosh, dynamax & Jaggers

Patents, licenses and inventions

patents, licences & inventions in fields of: nanoparticle modification, nano-silver infused construction primers, and elastic heating mats based on carbon nano-tubes

File cloud

dynaCLOUD (file sharing solution) to quickly exchange files between employees and streamline workflow


state-of-the-art industrial facility with two production lines and a laboratory where our patented nano-synthesis takes place


private 16 mln PLN capital


ongoing preparation for launching an IPO

Human resources

staff of enthusiasts specialized in management, R&D and marketing.


strong sense of identity along with our Fair Play Only principle and a name (dynamic®) recognized in almost every language in the world

„This word gives us strength and courage, and obliges us to work without using bloated analyses.

So we chose a path of inventing the future, leaving analytics to those who want to trail our footsteps.”

We’d like to invite you to a place where we say ``think dynamic & be dynamic``