dynamic’s factory in Chrzanów is equipped with two state of the art production lines. 

Each of them is capable of manufacturing 3000 litres of product an hour, which are all based on double demineralised osmotic water.

Our quality begins there, with the water, which is our base component similar to wine and beer and has the utmost importance in chemicals as well.

All of dynamic’s market products are based on our own patented nanotechnologies (especially in the fields of nano-silver, copper and gold synthesis).

Every single one of our products is defined by a perfect chemical composition and great design, which set us apart from our competition.


Since 2008 dynamic has been investing in nanotechnology, which changes the world day by day, improving quality of products in nearly every branch of the market. The advantage of using nano-components in some products is so big that other technologies become obsolete. Currently laboratories all over the world are working on newer and better solutions which are slowly appearing on the market. Obviously we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity… We shortly described this new phenomenon, which dominated the world of science and technology, below.

Developing chemical technology

Nanotechnology combines physics, chemistry and engineering, and concerns the structure of atoms, revolutionizing the industry because certain materials benefit from greatly increased efficiency and completely new properties after being reduced to the nano-scale. Nanotechnology is now the new pinnacle of science thanks to it’s ecological, economical and technical advantages. Interestingly components such as gold and silver are more effective when reduced to a 1000 times smaller size, whilst requiring much less of those expensive and expendable materials. This generates profits for manufacturers, consumers, but also our planet, whose resources are growing thinner every day.

Nano-components are effectively “nanomachines” helping and protecting us in our daily lives.

scientific backup

dynamic is a part of multiple associations in the scientific field and cooperates with universities and research institutions both in Poland and abroad. We cherish these relations since the inception of our former technological company dynamax. This resulted in many achievements in the field of science and marketing with the most notable being the 2012 NoAE Dusseldorf Convention Award for developing electrical, elastic heating mats based on carbon nanotubes. Here are some of the institutions and scientists who have been working with our company in the recent years:

we domesticated professional chemicals with nanotechnology